Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Change is hard and we often think we lack the willpower or the motivation to change, but this is not true. While changing our health takes time and practice it is possible and I know that you can succeed. How do I know that you can do it? Because you are not alone. Evolution Coaching Network works with individuals and groups to change their habits, health, weight and fitness. By having a vision for your future and with the support of your coach you too can successfully take the steps to change. Reaching your goals is a challenge, but once you see the results you will also see that you are capable of doing so much more.

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    Change3: Camps

    Jumpstart your health and fitness plan. Camps are fun, social and get you to your goals with the support and motivation of others just like you.

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    Change3: Retreats

    Offering retreats in beautiful locations, experience wonderful food, healthy activities and start your new life in a supportive environment.

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    Change3: Virtual Camps

    With the support of a coach, menu plans and training schedules to reach your health and fitness goals.

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    Change3: Coaching

    Personal coaching lets you choose your future. Set your own goals, change your mind and see your future. Sign up now below.

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About Evolution Coaching!

Evolution Coaching Network is on a mission to inspire change through health and fitness. Helping you reach your full potential, stay motivated and be inspired to keep fit and healthy for life.

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Our Success Stories

  • Elizabeth lost more than 70 pounds, started training and running marathons, retired from her job and started a new career.
  • Peter lost over 75 pounds improved his health, fitness and is enjoying riding his bike in Gran Fondos faster than ever before.
  • Juliet lost 40 pounds, trained for a marathon, Gran Fondo cycling event and now is training for her first triathlon.

Shayla and the Change³ Camps are the real thing - Paul S.

"In a world where everyone is an expert, yet nobody knows what they're talking about, Shayla and the Change³ Camps are the real thing. I am in better shape now then I ever have been, and the most exciting is that, with Evolution Coaching on my team I know that I am just getting warmed up"

I wholeheartedly recommend Evolution Coaching - Fiona P

"After spending one month with Shayla in the Change³ Camp and experiencing first hand the holistic approach to wellness things finally clicked for me. I can honestly say it was life changing. I wholeheartedly recommend Evolution Coaching and feel incredibly fortunate to have made the discovery of such a valuable asset in my life".

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