Dental Injuries After a Motorcycle Accident

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Many motorcyclists know the dangers that come with riding their motorcycle on the road. They are not nearly as protected as drivers in cars and trucks, so if they get into an accident they are significantly more vulnerable. When we think of motorcycle injuries, though, we typically think of things like road rash or a fractured bone. However, dental injuries are just as common and can be severe. If you have recently been in a motorcycle accident that was the result of someone else’s negligence, you are likely working with an attorney to pursue compensation for your medical bills. However, it is just as important to focus on your dental injuries and pursue compensation for that. If you would like to speak with a dentist about your injuries and see how we can help you with your claim, please contact a dental office now for more information or to set up your appointment.

What are common types of orofacial injuries after a motorcycle accident?

Among other injuries, you may not be aware that you even have a dental injury immediately following your accident. In fact, your body may still be in shock and even if you have lost a tooth you might not realize it. In other cases, you may be dealing with excruciating pain. Some of the most common dental injuries after a motorcycle accident are:

    • Avulsed Teeth. This is when your teeth are knocked out of their sockets. It is important to note that you can save a tooth after an accident has knocked it out, but you will need to see a dentist immediately following the accident. If you can locate the lost tooth, pick it up very carefully (never by the roots) and carefully rinse it and bring it into the dentist’s office.
    • Chipped Teeth. Chipped teeth may sound like the least of your worries, but if you don’t go to the dentist to get this fixed, it could lead to the tooth rapidly decaying and you may even need veneers or a crown. Even something as minor as a chipped tooth can cost you thousands in dental work.
    • Root Fractures. If your tooth’s root is fractured, it means that there is a fracture running into the pulp of the tooth. When this is the case, your dentist will likely need to reposition your tooth if it was knocked out of place and may even need to set it in a splint for a few weeks.
  • Facial Disfigurement. If your injuries were significant, it can even lead to facial disfigurement and permanent problems eating and drinking if you do not get dental treatment right away. While your dentist can come up with different treatment options for you, not only can this be physically painful, but it can cause emotional stress and anxiety as well.

If you are working with an attorney to pursue compensation for your motorcycle accident after someone else’s negligence caused your injuries, do not hesitate to work with a dentist for cosmetic dentistry as part of your dental recovery. A dentist can help provide your attorney with the medical records they need for your claim.


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